Monday, October 15, 2007

Bob Snider

Singer-songwriter Bob Snider has played on the street and in the concert hall. He's been called a "national treasure", a "living legend" and "author of some of the best Canadian songs of the decade".

Born and raised in Toronto, he spent several years as a resident of Nova Scotia before returning to Ontario in 1986. To date he has released seven albums, most recently A Maze in Greys (2007) and Stealin’ Home (2002). Snider tours widely and has appeared at shows and festivals across North America. His first book, On Songwriting, was published by Gaspereau Press in 2005.

In his follow-up book, On Performing, Snider is at turns self-deprecating and jokingly grandiose, providing tips for effective performing and stories from the trenches. With thoughts on everything from stagefright, interruptions, timing and humour, to venues, bookings, organization and encores, Snider’s prose is itself a lesson in performance.

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