Saturday, December 15, 2007

Four Readers on January 6, 2008

Joanne Arnott reads from Mother Time: Poems New and Selected, from Ronsdale Press.

Mary Ann Mulhern is the author of Touch the Dead, from Black Moss Press.

Judah Denberg's latest collection of poetry is entitled Half a World Away and was published by Mosaic Press in 2007.

Jake Doherty spins stories of crime in his latest book Mystery Ink from Ginger Press.

Joanne Arnott

Joanne Arnott is a Metis/mixed blood writer, from Winnipeg, Manitoba. She studied English briefly at the University of Windsor and then moved to the west coast in 1982. Joanne has been a literary performer and publishing poet since the mid-1980's, and has presented her work and given writing workshops across much of Canada, and in Australia. She has worked for many years as an Unlearning Racism facilitator, and continues to incorporate social justice perspectives and peer counseling approaches into her work. Joanne is mother to five sons and one daughter, all born at home. Her latest book is Mother Time: Poems New & Selected from Vancouver’s Ronsdale Press in 2007.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Mary Ann Mulhern

Mary Ann Mulhern is a Windsor writer who has had two recent readings at Shakespeare and Company in Paris. Black Moss Press published two of her books, The Red Dress in 2003, and Touch the Dead in 2006. Both books use poetry as a genre for story-telling. The Red Dress is in its third printing, Touch the Dead is in its second printing.

Judah Denberg

Judah Denburg is a Professor of Medicine and the Director of Clinical Immunology & Allergy at McMaster University. His first book of poetry -- Old Roots New Trees -- was published by Mosaic Press in 1993 and it was followed by Altar of the Seasons in 1995. Both collections contain poems that emerge from the author’s medical and religious backgrounds: his connectedness to the rich heritage of the Hebrew language, Jewish thought, law, music and literature. His his late father was a rabbi, linguist, teacher and scholar; and his mother, steeped his upbringing in the traditions of Jewish music. He has published his poetry in many journals and literary publications. His new collection, Half a World Away, came out from Mosaic Press in 2007.

Jake Doherty

Retired newspaperman Jake Doherty turned to crime writing with his first novel, The Rankin Files (2002). Doherty, who lives near Owen Sound, often draws on his stints as publisher of The Hamilton Spectator, the Kingston Whig Standard and the Owen Sound Sun Times. Now at work on his second novel, Finding Fergus, he has written five short stories for the Osprey Media Summer Mystery Series. In the 1970s he co-authored a non-fiction work, Bears and Sheep for McClelland and Stewart. Doherty is New Brunswickborn and has degrees from St. Francis Xavier in Nova Scotia and Columbia University in New York. He appears this evening as co-editor and contributor to Mystery Ink, an anthology published by Ginger Press in June of 2007.