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Blazing March 3rd Reading: Barry Webster, Tim Conley, Pamela Mordecai, Soraya Erian, Mark Lavorato, Eva Stachniak,

6 writers + 1 host

Right <here>: imagine a really exciting, action-packed trailer--no, not an RV--but a short film which makes you feel lit on fire, literally, literarily, and--as we're near the shores of Burlington Bay-- litorally. 

Yeah, that kind of film. Because we have a matchless reading on this Sunday. Smokin' And one of the authors edited a book entitled Burning City. Another wrote In the Eye of the Sun. But don't believe me. They're Necessary Lies, The Sound of All Flesh, and Certifiable.

Come to the show and find out what kind of a trailer-blazer show we got. 

And in case you're wondering about who the blazes will be wearing the blazers and doing the torching, here's some info to get you fired up.

1 Barry Webster is a classically trained pianist and writer of both fiction and non-fiction. His first book, The Sound of All Flesh (Porcupine's Quill), won the ReLit Award for the best collection of Canadian short fiction published in 2005 and was a finalist for the Hugh MacLennan Prize. His short stories have also been shortlisted for the National Magazine Award and the CBC-Quebec Prize. He has written for a wide variety of publications including The Washington Post, The Toronto Star, Event, Fiddlehead, and The Globe and Mail. He has lived for extended periods of time in Barcelona, London, Banff, and Berlin, where he was staying the night the Wall fell. Originally from Toronto he now resides in East Montreal.

Eva Stachniak was born in Wrocław, Poland, and came to Canada in 1981. She has been a radio broadcaster and college English and Humanities lecturer. Her debut novel, Necessary Lies, won the Amazon.com/Books in Canada First Novel Award, and her second novel, Garden of Venus, has been translated into seven languages. Her third novel, The Winter Palace, has been published in Canada (Doubleday), US (Bantam) and the UK (Transworld) and will soon appear in Holland, Germany, and Poland. Eva Stachniak lives in Toronto, where she is working on her second historical novel about Catherine the Great.

The multi-talented Mark Lavorato was raised on the Canadian Prairies, but has spent most of his adult life living, working, and writing on his travels throughout Central and North America, the Caribbean, and Europe. He was inspired to begin writing while living in the Austrian Alps, reflecting on unsettling true stories he’d heard in the jungles of Guatemala. Aside from his writing, Mark is also a photographer and composer.

 Pamela Mordecai writes poetry, plays and fiction, slowly. Subversive Sonnets is her fifth collection of poetry. Her Good Friday poem, de man, written in Jamaican Creole, has been performed across Canada and in the Caribbean – she doesn’t always know where. Her writing for children is well known internationally. She has written a reference work, Culture and Customs of Jamaica, with her husband, Martin, as well as a PhD thesis. It took her sixteen years. A former Torontonian, she thanks Canadian taxpayers for life-sustaining grants through the Toronto Arts Council, the Ontario Arts Council and Canada Council.  She lives in Kitchener, Ontario.

5 Soraya Erian is a writer-artist, and a retired Professor of English at Mohawk College, Hamilton, ON. She has an M.A. in English, University of Toronto, and a Ph.D., University of Western Ontario. She has seven books of poetry and drawings, and two novels with drawings/paintings. Her most recent poetry books are: In The Eye Of The Sun, and "Were You My Ariel", and her novels are: The Jasmine Garden, and Mystic Loon. She contributes commentaries and articles to newspapers. She has won numerous best poem awards in Canada and the USA. She came to Canada on a Canada Council Scholarship and decided to make Canada her home. She is married with a daughter and a son, and three grandchildren.

6 Tim Conley is the author of two collections of short fiction entitled Whatever Happens (2006) and Nothing Could Be Further (2011). He was also co-editor of the poetry anthology Burning City. In the time that he isn’t writing he teaches English and Comparative Literature at Brock University. One False Move is Tim Conley’s debut collection of poetry.

+1Hosted by GritLit Artistic Director Jenn Gillies

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