Sunday, May 15, 2016

Recordings of LitLive Readings from this season.

Did you know that we record and archive our readings? They are here no here no here no here no here. That was tricky, right? There are recordings by David Helwig, Matthew R. Loney, Judy Gaudet, Christine Fischer Guy, Robyn Sarah, Larissa Lai, Daniel Tysdal, Janet Myers, Duana Taha, Brent van Staalduinen, Lydia Perović, Jon Chan Simpson, Sam Shelstad, Jean Rae Baxter, Carrie Anne Snyder, Lana Pesch, Amanda Earl, Sara Sarah McNiven-Scott, Grant Buday, Chad Norman, Kate Cayley, Kathryn Mockler, Krista Foss, and many others.

And don't forget this June's upcoming reading.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Supergreat last show of the season

Our supergreat amazing last show of the season:

Katerina Fretwell, Ann Y.K. Choi, Alexandra Oliver, Tania Orton, Shane Rhodes, Benny Langedyk, and Kristin Lee Conrad.