Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Robert Bringhurst

Robert Bringhurst’s collections of poetry include The Calling: Selected Poems 1970-1995; Pieces of Map, Pieces of Music (1987) and The Old in Their Knowing (2005). He is an accomplished linguist, well-known for his translations of the Haida storytellers Skaay and Ghandl, and for his translations of the early Greek philosopher-poet Parmenides. His manual The Elements of Typographic Style has itself been translated into ten languages and is now one of the world's most influential texts on typographic design.

His book Everywhere Being is Dancing | Twenty Pieces of Thinking was published by Gaspereau in 2007. In this companion volume to The Tree of Meaning (2006), Bringhurst collects pieces of thinking under the principle that “everything is related to everything else.” His studies of poetry, polyphonics, oral literature, storytelling, translation, mythology, homogeny, cultural ecology, literary criticism and typography all build upon this sense of basic connection. His latest book is a new-edition of his polyphonic masque: Ursa Major. Shortlisted for the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize in 2004, the National Post called Ursa Major “a typically majestic and dedicated piece of work.”

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