Thursday, February 10, 2011

Marching in to Lit Live in March

Don't be concerned about lions and lambs coming in and going out. You simply must not forget forget March 6th, when Lit Live marches on and rocks the Skydragon Centre in the heart of Hamilton. Start time is 7:30 p.m.

Antony di Nardo presents poetry from Alien, Correspondent, his most recent collection from Brick Books.

Jeff Seffinga releases his inner tiger, with his latest book release, All We Like Cats, from Serengeti Press.

David Helwig will cozy up or frighten us out of our wits, with Mystery Stories, his latest publication from Porcupine's Quill.

Marc di Saverio will vocalize from his latest poetry collection, Sanatorium Songs, published lately by Cactus Books.

Julie Berry will give a demonstration of The Walnut-Cracking Machine, her new book of poems from Buschek Books.

Ann Elizabeth Carson takes on The Risks of Remembrance and triumphs over them in her new book from publisher, Words Indeed.

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